Dogs maul boy to death

March 2nd, 2007 1:12 pm by Mizopa

Bangalore, Mar 1: A four-year-old boy has been mauled to death by stray dogs here, making him the second such victim in the city in last two months.

Manjunath was playing with other boys of his age near his residence at the BEML layout here when he was attacked by a pack of dogs yesterday, police said today.


Bangalore is going to the dogs… literally.

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8 Responses to “Dogs maul boy to death”

  1. 1
    virgochhas Says:

    benbente-a kha lo veng roh u…

    mipa naapang kum 4 maw an lo ti nge, stray dogs ho khan


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  2. 2
    spikey Says:

    nikum ka kal khan ka u te inhnungah evening walk mai mai a..ui 10 velin min zui ta dul dul mai..hlauhawm rual rualin a zahthlak duh … tih chi loh mai mai!! Chubakah zanah hian han chhuak hlek ila dar 11 pelh hnuah ui hi an lo tam em em mai zel..

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  3. 3
    benjamin Says:

    Bawng pawh an tam ltk. Bawngalore :-)

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  4. 4
    Pun*Intended Says:

    hetiang ni cuan Bangaloreans Wine bar thar a kal ho cu haw tlai loh ci ni cu , eps. on foot ……….. thrat toh lamah ui in la um zui ….. wud be a funny sight ……………. :)

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  5. 5
    superstrr Says:

    va zia lo ve awwww

    kan in bulah hian tam deuh chang hi an ron nei thin a, ka hlau ru thei khop mai. Office atanga haw a, motor atanga han chhuk hnu hian an ron tal khom chang an nei thin a, ka thaw dep dep zel. Mahse hnoh deuh chuan an kal bo ve mai

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  6. 6
    HJ Says:

    Mizo tlangval rual tir thla ila…ei zawh tir vek ila a ni mai alawm…LOL… Keini pawh kha min um nasa thei maw le…LOL…Lung keng rawh u…an hlau lutuk ui chuan…

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  7. 7
    burbura Says:

    Zan dar 11 velah phuihnam hnah nen len chhuah mai chi a nih chu le, ka va han ei chak tawh Ui sa hi. Aizawl lamah tawlh mai chi a nih chu, hlok viau mai thei.

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  8. 8
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