Saddam’s execution

December 30th, 2006 6:09 am by Sandman

Its 6 am here in Mizoram (inrinni zing bazaar ngaih vang a tho hma) and I was just watching the news and there’s this breaking news: Saddam’s exectution likely to take place in 2 hours time from now! Thought I’ll just put it up here since most of you might be still sleeping while he’s executed.

As we all know, nobody, not even his family and lawyers are told about his exact execution date and time due to the sensitivity of the nature among the Iraqis.

More update will come up later during the hour.

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    Cupid Says:

    A sual thlak m mai a, duh leh damcung lungin tan tir tur alom..ka khongaih reuh tlatssss

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