Come over for tea party

December 28th, 2006 1:18 am by TheHumanBot

If you are in Aizawl , please come over for tea party to my house (picture below) at Durtlang on 2nd Jan at 1 PM . Sandman’s there and father (father_sphinx not my father :-) ) is bringing the sphinx clan. Please email me (benjaminrtz[at]gmail[dot]com) or call 2362079 ( from 31st night onwards) to confirm your participation. Even if you don’t email or call, you are still welcome. If you don’t have transport, we might be able to arrange one from Bawngkawn (pick and drop). I will check with folks at home and I might be able to keep you for dinner.


How to reach my place

It’s still pretty far from Leitan. The locality actually is Durtlang Vengthar. Keep driving towards Sihphir and ask for “Remand Home Peng”. Once you reach this junction, follow the little road up until you find two similar cottage type houses as you see in the picture . It’s still kind of far from this junction (Remand Home Peng) You could also ask for Pi Kungteii or Pu Atea. The localites won’t have a clue of me or . I will also place a signpost which says “wateva” :-)

If you have a partner to bring along, please do so. But please understand this is strictly no boozing or dance party. Just, hey.. lets get together.

Would really be glad if you could make it.

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  1. 151
    benjamin Says:

    Many many thanks to all who showed up and also to those who expressed your wishes to come.

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  2. 152
    benjamin Says:

    @John Fanai: Ni e. Pu Atea-a te chu Thailanh tangin an lo let a, Varanasi ah an awm.

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  3. 153
    DaggyLoFrmLocoTribeZ Says:

    Benji azl a i lo ho daih elo..nuam om bik ve a., B`lore a cuan engtika ne i chho don a?

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  4. 154
    dakul_sphinx Says:

    In hriat lauh hlan in a ron sheng anih hi Aijal lamah

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  5. 155
    zeus Says:

    Ka kal ve lau aaaa..father_sphinx-a te khan min rawn sawm ve sin lee :(

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  6. 156
    TuaiSialA Says:

    Hei chu comment a awm nual mai ka ti.

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