Mizoram, My Mizoram!

November 30th, 2006 8:19 pm by Sandman

The first few rays of the pristine radiant sun-light
Simmers into my room, like a passionate penetration.
I open my sleepy eyes and smile with subdued might
For I am now back, in the Land of abysmal devotion.

Ah Mizoram! Sweet Mizoram! Resplendent Mizoram.
Nowhere else is the sky so blue nor the hills so green.
The mist covered mountains and many a hillside farm
Entwined together to carve out a Home so serene.

I rise from bed and walk outside my tiny room,
Staring at the scenic beauty and inhaling the aura.
Such picturesque exquisiteness dispels all gloom
T’is far more exotic than Paradise or Shangri-la.

Idyllic silhouettes, Nature’s creation at its best,
A natural wonder personified many times over.
Especially after a brief rain, leaving you breathless;
A concoction of tranquility and serenity shower.

Mizoram, my Mizoram, land of the gallant Zo braves,
With Tlawmngaihna everywhere and nothing to fear.
Here’s where I was born, and here will lay my grave,
Nothing is more honorable than to be buried here.

Now the sun is visible over the looming Durtlang
Its rays permeating through the air so lucid.
Lighting up my little room perched on Chaltlang
Still, everything around me is calm and placid.

Morning birds flutter together in uniformed flocks
Chirping their way through the diaphanous mist.
Until they can find their home in a distant hillock
Only to be disturbed once again and flight persist.

As I admire the beauty that cannot be described
I realize why I am back here narrating this story.
The captivating sceneries need to be inscribed,
So that others too can bask in Mizoram’s glory.

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64 Responses to “Mizoram, My Mizoram!”

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  1. 51
    Sandman Says:

    “Long SertrawkBar Local Tea” a awm a lawm :-P

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  2. 52
    chabetkaia Says:

    sandman, its very touching!!! ka lung len i rawn ti zual tlat mai, in room a trang chuan Zoram mawina i han thlir vel a maw?? ka va chak ve tak em…mahse…

    I freeze them as the way i left deep down inside my heart, but life goes on and on, i know i won’t see em as i expect..

    a thren rihsang mual liam in, a thren truan trul vanga tlangdang belin, khuanu ruat ang zel in an her zel awm si a. chutah kei val lunglen rawllai nun ngai a chinzai rello hi engtin tak awm ve ang maw??? Duh ber tia ka lo chhal “tuahrem loh panlai di..” khan khiang awiin, fanua malza lo chawi tawh awm sia, han ngaihtuah thui zel phei chuan kir tawh loh mai teh pawh thlanawm zwwk mah mah e.. mahse dam hi han huah phawt mai teh ang..Khuanu ruat hringnun hi…

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  3. 53
    virgochhas Says:


    a va na awm ngawih ngawih ve….

    hrehawm tiraw….

    *min duhtu ka duh si lo, ka duh in min duh si lo* tih hla kha kiu pui top mai chi….

    lo sak xom pui tu tur kan awm nual ka ring


    cheer up…

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  4. 54
    virgochhas Says:

    Sandman, phai timing kha maw, haw tirh first week ah chuan chhungten “an thi thrang lo a” min tia, min duat a,min kaitho lo a, awm rei deuh chuan zing kar ah min kai tho pop pop toh mai ni…. :)

    mahse pawi lo…second week ah camp i lut don tho


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  5. 55
    SiLent_Man Says:

    zaipawl tham chu awm maithei

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  6. 56
    SiLent_Man Says:

    an tia lom… zinga min ron kaihtawh tawh hi chuan chhuk a hun leh tawh tihna

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  7. 57
    virgochhas Says:

    kei a contralto


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  8. 58
    virgochhas Says:

    dik chiah…

    mahse Sandy chu a CAMP don tho a


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  9. 59
    chabetkaia Says:

    chu virgo , chutiang lamah zawng buai duh suh, engkim hi khuanu ruat alawm, chantawk leng khuanu ruat ang piang ngai an tih” tih ah hian ka in nghat tawpss mai…

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  10. 60
    superstrr Says:

    Engtik atangin nge inkhawm ni a ni tih te i lo hriat ve tak a? :P

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  11. 61
    virgochhas Says:

    kar hmasa a i ron hriat chhuah thut atrang khan


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  12. 62
    lovingangel Says:

    ka lo bass ve trot ang e :P

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  13. 63
    Hank Williams Says:

    It’s good to know that young people are doing a good job here in stead of getting drunk in some dark corners or alley. Keep up the good work.

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  14. 64
    buy phentermine online Says:

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