Mautam Solution

November 16th, 2006 4:11 pm by TheHumanBot

If you search and browse thru Mizoram related news on the internet, we are way too popular already for rats  even though now is just the beginning of the foretold  famine.There are lots of news under titles such as “Armies of rodent”, “10,000 rats killed” floating on the internet.

Last Sunday here in Chennai at Mizo Service, Pu Lawmsanga IPS during a brief report of his recent trip to Mizoram suggested a simple solution. According to him, we know every well that rats will eat up crops, we do people still do farming? “Stop cultivation during bamboo flowering”, he suggested. “This is my  anxiety”, he said. The government instead of investing the money in various schemes may buy food(rice) for villagers.  He could be right.

If there’s no paddy to eat, will rats come to town?

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9 Responses to “Mautam Solution”

  1. 1
    Lapin Says:

    -If there’s no paddy to eat, will rats come to town?

    possible… a bik in ramhnuai hnaih khua ah, like seling, dulte, thingsul etc. champhai lam chu a vot ltk a an lo kal peih poh ka ring lo.:)

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  2. 2
    superstarr Says:

    “Stop cultivation during bamboo flowering”,

    I agree with him

    I was thingking about the same thing the other day.

    “Ngatinge mautam om don tih hre reng chunga lo neih tlat hi” ka lo ti mai2 a

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  3. 3
    J Says:

    There was a program on Mautam called When the Bamboo Flowers on Animal Planet last evening around 8. It aired on Saturday or Sunday evening as well. Watched just a few seconds of it. Aizawl LPS sms-er pakhat chuan khatiang international TV a lang tur ve si, officer thenkhat kha kuhva an ei sen sung a, ka zak ltk or sth.. LOL.

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  4. 4
    3x Says:

    I hate rats

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  5. 5
    father_sphinx Says:

    keipawh ka lo en a, ka lo zak ru chem chem alawm……

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  6. 6
    Jimmy Yin Yang Says:

    Keipawh ka lo notice a, a seh sen ve reuh khawp mai. Kan unau in kan en a, kan comment nghal. A lo lang mawilo viau anih hmel. Hetiang vang hian alawm kuhva hi ka ei duh tawh loh. Arunachali ho kha chu la backward zawk hmel mahse, an thin dan kha a zahpuiawm loh.

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  7. 7
    Angaiha Says:

    Officer seh sen sunga lah kha a sap tawng lah chu a dangdai danglam phian a, seh sen bawk si, en a nuam niau niau!! keimah ang mai!

    …chuan leh! Mizoramah Sazu a puang dawn tih hre ranin Dawrkai pakhat pawh khan tifuh inti fe in, phai atang leh fawren atangin Condom zu han chah treuh pek a!!! A hralh thei fu mahna!!

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  8. 8
    GOMI Says:

    Paddy field hi awm lo mahse sazu hi an puang dawn tho. A chhan chu hemi mau rah hi high-protein fruits anih vang leh hmuh tur a tam dawn em avangin season pangaia sazu 1 in naute 5 vel a dam theih laiin mau rah tlan sazu chuan 8-10 a dam thei anga, kum 1 chhungin sazu pair 1 in sazu 800-1000 an thlah thei. Hetia an puang vak hnu hian mau rah an lo ei zo tawh a, tichuan eitur dang an hmuh apiang paddy fields atanga inchhung nepnawi thlengin an vai hma ta zawk ani. Solution awm ve thei chu mau rah hi lak khawma sazu tlan nasat hmaa seng khawm, engemo chen chu a ven theih ka ring.

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  9. 9
    GOMI Says:

    MAHSE.. in ti teh ang, mau rah hi seng khom anih emaw chuan next generation mau tur kha an om don lo tihna a lo ni leh si a, chuvangin MUATAM hi mau lo suat khalh emaw (kan CM in hmana a suggest ang kha) ang chi anih chuan Ecological Balance a buai dawn ani maia, kan natural resource hi kan chan ani mai.

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