Christmas is “Coming Soon”…

November 16th, 2006 11:54 am by virgochhas

Feelin’ of melancholy swept through my mind.Its that time of the year again, Christmas is round the corner.

Every family getting ready for Christmas. The new dresses, the gifts, the cards, the decorations, the food, the cake, the tree, everything have to be taken care of.

Some parents will take their children to the finest shops in town and buy them branded clothing, for some it is the worst part of the year, wondering how they will tell the kids without breaking their heart that they will have to chose between a new dress, new shoe, new jacket etc. because there is not enough funds for all of them to have one of each. Shopping for gifts (dawhthlak tur), going to Leo Toys etc.

Every tailor in town will be busy with the rush of orders and people panicky as the D-day comes closer.

Children window shopping on the way home from school. Theres cards to buy for the teachers, for the ‘Sunday School zirtirtu’, friends, family etc. “Archies Gallery”, “Hustler”, “Glitz” etc…which one to go to….

Youths and “Kohhran Hmeichhia” will be busy with decorating their respective church. Elders will arrange different committees for different purposes, “Ruai Committee”, “Chaw-tra-ni Committee”, “Buhthlei pawl” etc. etc.

The “YMA” etc. will most probably PROHIBIT buying and selling of crackers. There will be more check points for alcohol, drugs etc.

Zion Street will be packed. Folks from out of town streaming in for Christmas Shopping, everyone moving along with the push and pull of the crowd. Boney-M will be heard from somewhere, loudly singing “Feliz Navidad”, and from some corner Lalsangzuali will croon “Kumhlui, kumhlui,kumhlui…”.

As for me, I’ll be listening to The song which goes like this –

”I’ll have a blue Christmas without you,

I’ll be so blue, just thinkin’ about you,

Decorations of red, on a green Christmas tree,

Won’t be the same; dear, if you’re not here with me…”

To all of you,

”Merry Christmas, and a happy holiday”

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65 Responses to “Christmas is “Coming Soon”…”

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  1. 51
    superstarr Says:

    ‘Xmas’ i hman vang a nih chu

    Christmas hmang la, singgul lo mai ang :P

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  2. 52
    me_myself_n_I Says:

    Awwwwwwwww ka va han haw chak ngawih ngawih toh em!!! Tun thla hi ka thla hriat toh a zawngah a la rei ber awm e.. its like 4eva!… mahse hetah a thren… khi tah lah chhung tem book lawk thlap toh bawk si.. engmah lo ah kan in chan ang ti hlauh awm khop mai hehehe!!!!

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  3. 53
    lovingangel Says:

    Bells will be ringing this sad sad New Years
    Oh what a Christmas to have the blues

    ka lung a leng..sala…virgochhas….

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  4. 54
    jazz Says:

    chhungte nen a christmas ka hman loh na chin poh ka hre toh lo e….ka van haw khat tak lolzzzz

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  5. 55
    SiLent_Man Says:

    Inkom ilaa…

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  6. 56
    chabetkaia Says:

    tq thiam vang pawh nilovin , len ve vang hrim2 zawk ni hian ka hria.. lolzz

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  7. 57
    virgochhas Says:

    sala…lovingangel…kei feeeeee…

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  8. 58
    virgochhas Says:

    Ben ben te, lung ngai suh….

    tun Christmas chu single tur kan tam em hi…

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  9. 59
    reenee Says:

    Anyone of you knows Lallianpuii(Lapuii) & Zach.Zothangliana Hauhnar (Anggu-a) from Aizawl???Plizzz leave a mesg!!

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  10. 60
    Goldmember Says:

    did this Anggu person study in Bangalore about a year ago?

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