The Glass Prison

November 15th, 2006 2:09 pm by SiLent_Man

Thil ropui tak chu nilo mahse post thar a tam lemlo bawk a, thenkhat tan tangkai te pawh a nih theih takin ka rawn post a ni e.

Addict han tih hian kan rilru hian kawh lam a nei nghal bik thin a, mahse tute pawh hi eng addict emaw chu kan ni vek hian ka hre thin. Thil addict vanga kan tih chuan a hlutna leh nawmna pawh hi kan hrethiam tawh tak tak thin lova, a lova kan awm theih tawh loh avanga ti kan ni tawh zawk thin… a niang ka ring.

From wikipedia:

The Glass Prison” is a song by the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

It is the first track from their 2-CD album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (2002), and is about the first three of the famous 12 steps created by Bill Wilson. The lyrics were written by the band’s drummer, Mike Portnoy, about his experience with alcoholism.

These first 3 steps are

1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Two sequels to “The Glass Prison”, entitled “This Dying Soul” and “The Root of All Evil”, appeared on subsequent albums Train of Thought and Octavarium respectively. As well, these follow-up songs have lyrical and musical references to the previous ones. Also, this entire suite of songs can be considered a sequel of sorts to “The Mirror” (found on 1994’s Awake), as they reflect numerous thematic and lyrical ideas found in that song. Though it is clear that Mike has stated that the songs reflect his alcoholism, it is unclear how deep it ran with him. Fans wonder but highly respect his right to privacy; he has (to date) never made an official statement regarding the degree of the subject.

Mike Portnoy has also stated his intention to release all 12 steps on a future live release. This will happen as soon as the songs for steps 8-12 are finished and recorded in the studio.

This is the only Dream Theater song to feature the sound of turntables, although the effect was actually achieved by guitarist John Petrucci manipulating the fret board of his guitar, not with actual turntables.

Ends with these lines:

The glass prison which once held me is gone
A long lost fortress
Armed only with liberty
And the key of my willingness

Fell down on my knees and prayed
“Thy will be done”
I turned around, saw a light shining through
The door was wide open

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5 Responses to “The Glass Prison”

  1. 1
    superstarr Says:

    Laxmi Mittal soi dan takah –

    Thil reng reng hi addict a tha lo. Kei poh golf kha ka addict tih ka in hriat in ka ban san nghal

    atih kha

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  2. 2
    BlackWhite Says:

    Laxmi Mittal soi dan takah –
    Thil reng reng hi addict a tha lo. Kei poh golf kha ka addict tih ka in hriat in ka ban san nghal
    atih kha

    …but Indulgence is life!

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  3. 3
    superstarr Says:

    Well, he call it Addiction

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  4. 4
    malz Says:

    silent_man a dang te pawh han ti leh law law la,i nick song
    te pawh hi nalh ka la ti bawn tawp tawp,hyd ah kum 3 ka awm na tur ni toh a kum tin accoustic version leh sion lo pon kan la sa ve ziah nia ooo!!!

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  5. 5
    SiLent_Man Says:

    Nia… an hla hi chhui tham fe a ni zel mai a. Zir chian chuan alo turu thei khop mai. Chhiar peih an awm dawn te nih chuan kalo research zel ange.

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