something something on Nationalism…

November 15th, 2006 7:13 pm by BlackWhite

In 1907, this man wrote this to his son-in-law, who had gone to America to study agriculture:

To get on familiar terms with the local people is a part of your education. To know only agriculture is not enough; you must know America too. Of course if, in the process of knowing Americans, one begins to lose one’s identity and fall into the trap of becoming an Americanised person contemtuous of everything Indian, it is preferabable to stay in a locked room.

In the same way…

EDITED: And this man was the first (and only?) person from India to win a Nobel prize in literature from India… :)

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8 Responses to “something something on Nationalism…”

  1. 1
    SiLent_Man Says:

    Tha viau e

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  2. 2
    J Says:

    I see a lot of that happening in many Mizos, some under the guise of Zoram tih hmasawnna, and in some, just blatant contempt of all things Mizo.

    (Don’t) “fall into the trap of becoming an Americanised person contemptuous of everything Indian..” wise words indeed.

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  3. 3
    Blueberry Says:

    Viau a na!!

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  4. 4
    BlackWhite Says:

    J, you got the point.. ;)

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  5. 5
    BlackWhite Says:

    EDITED: and the man was…

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  6. 6
    Goldmember Says:

    rabindranath tagore a ni em?

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  7. 7
    BlackWhite Says:


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  8. 8
    superstarr Says:

    viau a ni

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