Mizoram Government: Little Heaven

October 30th, 2006 8:24 am by TheHumanBot

The British Government invented a new missile. It doesn’t work and it can’t be fired. It’s called civil servant. I read this somewhere I can’t recall. Our state government too must have many of them(not necessarily civil servant).

I am shocked to learn that Mizoram Government works only for 6 hours during winter. Assume a noon break of 1 hour. That makes it only 5 hours. No wonder little gets done. Wow how I envy that . 6 hours , same salary. No Income Tax. No rented House. No set top box required. Mizo food. Mizo chicks. Fresh air. Sounds like little heaven working at home under Mizoram Govt.

Meanwhile non-teaching staffs of our only Mizoram University are demanding this short working hour too. Excuse is short daylight.

Logic is simple: If you want to leave early, bloody start early.

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    benjamin Says:

    chuan an ngaih dan an soi thei lo tihna mi keimah ang te

    – Nilo e cowboy.

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  5. 155
    H.Vangchhia Says:

    Ka pian na Zawlkhawpui, tlawm an ka phal lo che…tho leh ta che maw…

    Kan pawlitisian te thingtlang atangin an lo pem a, an lal thut a, lal an hrawt thiam lova, an ei da zo ta che maw…aw Zawlkhawpui/Mizoram harh la tho ta che…

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