Chinese site for free MP3 download!!

September 29th, 2006 6:01 pm by Jinx

MP3 hla i download duh chuan link a hnuaia ka paste ah khuan click la, i hla duh zawng download char char mai rawh le. I chhiar thiamlo anih pawhin, a hnuaia hi download dan step ka han ziak ang e.


1. I singer/band duhzawng a awlah khian i ziak ang. (e.g.Keith Urban) then press enter.

2. I ngaihthlak phawt duh chuan first column ah a hla title a inziak anga, second column ami character pahnih tawi te a a pawl a inziak ah khan i click ang. Nghah deuh tur……player alo lang anga a in load anga a ron zai mai ang :). (A then theihloh pawh a awm ve nual thin)

3. A hla i duhzawng anih chuan, player chunga link a pawl a inziak ah khan i click ang. Chuan i dah duhna file ah save ani mai.

Pu Admin. hei hi post hma in India ah a theih ve nge theih loh ka hriat loh avangin, ilo try hmasa phot don ami ang? A theihloh chuan post poh a ngai chuangin ka hrelo. Alo theih mial chuan a tangkai don em a tih thuah ka ron post ani e.

EDIT: A trangkai hmel a mahse a search result hi chinese vek in ania! chinese thiam tan chuan a trangkai maithei e! (goldmember)

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12 Responses to “Chinese site for free MP3 download!!”

  1. 1
    Jinx Says:

    Keipoh chinese ka chhiar thiam chuang looo :) A tihdan step thianten min hrilh a, a chung a ka ziah ang khian….Hla chu download ve teuh toh mai!! All da best!!

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  2. 2
    pickles boss Says:

    me like this!!! check out the artwork/graphics/image!! if ya a fan of final fantasy..heres sumthing from final fantasy 13..;title;3

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  3. 3
    Sandman Says:

    Thanx!!!! After Goldmember told me my main source of direct mp3 download was no longer a free service, I thought I have to rely only on P2P which is extremely unreliable when it comes to quality. Hopefully this website will give me good quality music. Thanx Jinx.

    I’m a downloading bastard, you’re a downloading bastard, and we’re all very happy and merry. lolz.

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  4. 4
    tawia Says:

    ka va hmang ve thiam lo ve. Search result om lo ang deuh hian a lang mai in ka hria

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  5. 5
    Blizzard Says:

    Hmmmm, very interesting! I could actually download some songs I wanted. Thnx Jinx :)

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  6. 6
    Jinx Says:

    I suggest you listen to the songs first before saving it.
    A then chu a music ni ve thlup si, mahse a satu dang daih si a om ve thin ania.

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  7. 7
    Jinx Says:

    I hla/band duhzawng an neilo poh ani maithei. A dang dang kha han try kual chhin la. An neih chuan alo lang tuar mai ang.

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  8. 8
    Sjogren Says:

    Ka hrethiam vaklo…. Chinese trong ka chiar thiam bok silo…. Mp3/video download nan chuan hei hi in suggest ve em ka hrelo.. try this

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  9. 9
    James Says:

    I use torrent. (Some of you maybe aware of this). Its a P2P, but quite reliable. Unlike the popular P2P like limewire, kazaa, etc, you’ll have to first download a torrent from sites like This torrent helps in finding the file from other peers. And the good thing about this is, you get to download the whole album and sometimes a collection of albums, and not downloading a single song. And as it is a P2P, it is not restricted to music files alone. Softwares, movies, anything.. But the flipside is, you need a fast connection speed. For Dialup users? Maybe its not recommended.

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  10. 10
    superstarring Says:

    That phian hmel hi hei hi..kei chu Chinese tonga inziak reng ka hmu lova, ka bang bo khop mai :(

    Thanks for the link

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  11. 11
    superstarring Says:

    Kan belh leh loks…thra bon top..ka tan chuan :)

    Dolly Parton ka ngaithla ta char2 mai

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  12. 12
    Sandman Says:

    James wrote:

    For Dialup users? Maybe its not recommended.

    Havent tried torrent on dialup yet, but P2P is not that bad for dialup users, although I admit it is pathetic compared to broadband. During the days of Napster and Audio galaxy, I used them on my slow dialup back in Mizoram and, it was still faster than direct download. But then, you don’t see many users giving us the file we want coz of the time it used to take us to download. Even when I was on broadband and somebody was uploading my files on P2P, if it takes a really long time for that person to upload it, I just smile because I always assume it is my fren J uploading that file… hehehe….

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