Warning: Virus on orkut corrupting data

August 31st, 2006 6:33 pm by BlackWhite

The SysAds people in our workplace have been notifications from Different Sites regarding virus spreading through “ORKUT”.

Orkut, a messenger which is accessible only to Gmail account holders is well-known to enable friendship cultivate among its various users and most of the Secf users are using this messenger.

The worm uses a message in Portuguese to entice people to click on a file that is disguised as a JPEG image, FaceTime Security Labs said in a statement.

The initial file, called “minhasfotos.exe,” creates two additional files on a user’s system, “winlogon_.jpg” and “wzip32.exe,” . When the user, after the initial compromise, clicks on the “My Computer” icon in Windows , an e-mail with his or her personal data is sent to the anonymous attacker

Google confirmed the worm. “We are aware of this issue and will have a temporary fix in place within the hour,” a company representative said in an e-mailed statement. “We are working on a more permanent solution for users to guard against these malicious efforts.”

But recently, this site, has been infected with a worm that seems to be corrupting data in the computer. This worm is capable of stealing bank details and other personal data from users via Orkut.

For more details visit:- http://my.opera.com/krishnan/blog/show.dml/349371

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6 Responses to “Warning: Virus on orkut corrupting data”

  1. 1
    lalmi5ualpa Says:

    Ka’n first mai ang e…
    Hriat kar tawh tur anih khi. :o

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  2. 2
    RosangaD Says:

    Keichu ka first ve chuan an delete zel. second hi hauh mai ang

    Tiang virus hi a ninawm, mahse hriatloh click miahlo ila, kan dawnglo mai

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  3. 3
    Maya Says:

    3rd ve mai mai nge aw . .

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  4. 4
    TuaiSialA Says:

    4th ve teh ang.

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  5. 5
    ahooma_ Says:

    Maya leh Tuaisiala han hman zia hi, an comment apiang ka lo en ve hman ziah lehnghal!

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  6. 6
    Maya Says:

    hman lam pawh a ni lo . .mi kan comment ve a kan buai em em a :-)

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